Shadows along the Zambezi

By Diana M. Hawkins


Zimbabwe in 2008 is a land soaked in violence and corruption. At the center of the turmoil are Piet van Rooyen and Jessica Brennan, a couple bound together by their love for each other and devotion to protect Africa’s elephants. Fighting for both their love and the safety of the elephants, they will be propelled on a perilous journey that will pit them against poachers and corrupt government officials.


Shadows Over an African Heart -- the sequel to Shadows along the Zambezi is NOW AVAILABLE on:


In this continuing story, Hector Kaminjolo, the newly-appointed superintendent of Zimbabwe's national parks, is kidnapped by poachers and it's up to Piet van Rooyen, his new bride, Jessica, and a group of Hector's game rangers to find him. Meanwhile hundreds of elephants and other wildlife species are mysteriously dropping dead around the park's water holes. It sets off a terrifying series of events, in which lives hang in the balance and Piet takes off for Harare and his ultimate survival depends on a small herd of elephants he and Jessica had earlier rescued.

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