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Shadows on an African Heart -- The sequel to Shadows along the Zambezi. In this continuing story, environmentalist Piet van Rooyen and his new bride, Jessica, work hand-in-hand with Hector Kaminjolo, Zimbabwe’s superintendent of Hwange National Park. All three encounter personal issues while fighting for their lives under almost insurmountable odds to battle individuals bent on exploiting, poaching, and plundering the country’s wild elephant herds.


Lumpy The Elephant

Lumpy is treated as an outcast by the other toys because he is so much bigger and less agile than they are. They never include him in their games so he always feels lonely and sad.

One day Lumpy’s companions find themselves faced with a serious predicament. Freddy the Frog is trapped in a dark, scary place and his friends can’t get him out. Who will save him?

To everyone’s surprise, Lumpy steps forward to save the day and gains a new found respect from the other toys. This is a charming story that describes how an individual’s unique talents and abilities can often go unnoticed.

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Mom's Cat Stories

Recently published, Mom's Cat Stories, covers the lives and times of the author's 11 precious felines. She has always admired these amazing animals for their energy, grace, and beauty, and for the boundless affection they display towards humans they trust. Over the past 58 years, her family has been privileged to share their lives with cats of varying sizes, breeds and colors. Their stories evoke a gamut of human emotions, from happiness and laughter to deep sadness and regret. Mom's Cat Stories is available in print and also downloadable as an ebook from: http://www.amazon.com/Moms-Cat-Stories-Diana-Hawkins/dp/1514294699